The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (often abbreviated RCIA) is the process through which interested adults are gradually introduced to the Roman Catholic faith and way of life. 

The RCIA is a communal process and involves a number of stages punctuated by liturgical rites to aid and assist the potential convert toward the final rite, usually at the Easter Vigil at which time they will become full members of the Roman Catholic Church. The entire process takes several months, but participants are generally invited to proceed at a pace which suits them individually. The Church prefers to call this a process and not a program.


If you would be interested in any of these ministries or if you would like more information about any of these organizations, email us below and we will be happy to send you information or call you to discuss .
St. Christopher's is a community  rooted in the Word of God, inspired and challenged to proclaim and live out the Good News.  Becoming involved in the many Ministries and parish organizations allows you to experience a sense of belonging to and being a part of our vibrant faith community and it provides opportunities to use your gifts and talents to live out the Good News of the Gospel.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in parish activities and to make use of the services provided.  
Give person-to-person service, the provision of temporary assistance in emergencies with funds donated from various resources and make referrals to suitable persons and agencies of individuals and families in more serious long term need which are beyond the scope and resource of our conference and the assistance with problems of spiritual nature.  

We meet the 1st Monday of the month (excluding holidays)
To offer opportunities and provide avenues for promoting and enhancing  the faith life of members of St. Christopher parish.

We sponsor the Immediate Prayer Connection, Bible Study opportunities, October Rosary, Lenten stations of the cross, Mission, Disciples in Mission, CRHP, etc.

We meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7pm.

We are always looking for new talent and anyone willing to give of themselves to help promote and develop the faith life of the people of St. Chris.
Religious Education  please visit the Religious Ed. website for information, calendar of events, class descriptions, and  much more.  Click on the purple link at the very top of this page to go directly to the Religious Ed. website. 
St. Chris School please visit the school  website for information, calendar of events, & announcements.  Click on the purple link at the very top of this page to go directly to the school website.
Minister of Care
Looking for a way to become more involved in parish ministry? Feel comfortable visiting with the sick or the elderly? Have a special reverence for the Eucharist? Becoming a Minister of Care may be right for you!

Serving as a Minister of Care can be a rich and rewarding ministry.  

The archdiocese does require training for this ministry which is offered two times a year through the vicariate at no cost to the individual.  Upon completion of the training, a mandate is then given from the archdiocese for the Minister of Care to serve for three years.  The mandate may be renewed at the end of each three year period.  For more information about this ministry, please contact Chris Strilko, Coordinator of the Ministers of Care, at the parish office at 388-8190.

MOC Training. 

Sacristans serve the assembly by preparing all the physical objects and elements needed for the Mass. They prepare the vessels for the eucharistic liturgy, set out appropriate quantities of bread and wine, assist the priest and other ministers in vesting, ensure that the books are properly placed, and when the Mass is over, clean and put away all the vessels and objects used during the celebration.

By being responsible for the material things of worship, sacristans grow in appreciation of how liturgy works as a series of signs. By enabling reverent and joyful celebrations, sacristans crate a hospitable house for the church as they prepare the place for the liturgy. 
The Parish Pastoral Council is directly accountable to the pastor and is responsible for fostering the pastoral ministry in the parish. In contrast, the parish finance council is also directly accountable to the pastor, but is responsible for making final recommendations to the pastor in the fiscal matters of the parish.

The council is a consultative body and through it's insights, expertise and prudent advise will help the pastor identify, implement and evaluate those pastoral initiatives and policies best suited to spread the Gospel. It shall be the policy formulating body in all matters of pastoral ministry of the parish except to the extent limited by church or civil law or diocesan policy. The pastor is not bound to follow the recommendations of the council.

Cessation: Upon departure of the pastor, the council ceases to exist until the new pastor officially reconstitutes the previous council or establishes a new one. Since the council is a consultative body of the pastor, it is inappropriate for the council to meet without the pastor present unless the pastor has established the agenda and requested it. "Secret:" meetings are without effect.

An Extraordinary Minister (EOM) of the Eucharist, often called a Eucharistic Minister, is a term used in the Roman Catholic Church for members of the laity who have been authorized to distribute the Eucharist to members of the congregation during Mass. Typically, Eucharistic Ministers can also distribute Holy Communion to those in prison, or to those who are sick and unable to attend Mass.

Lectors have a critical role in the celebration of the Mass.   Since the Lector proclaims not just any word, but the Word of God, it is essential that they develop the skills required to communicate God’s message competently.   

The call to be a Lector is something that demands preparation.  No one should get up to read to the community gathered for worship without this preparation.  In becoming a Lector, you are accepting the responsibility to do your best, to practice, to make frequent self-evaluations and to continually look for ways to improve your ability to communicate the Word of God clearly to the congregation. 

The Immediate Prayer Connection offers you the opportunity to request prayer for yourself, family or friends – prayers of petition for any needs including health, illness, support or thanksgiving.  Each week, a team of “pray-ers” offers prayer for the requested intentions on the prayer connection, either via phone tree or e-mail.    

Acolytes (Altar Servers) assist the priest at the altar. They are often youth, ranging from 6th through 8th grade; however, a lay person of any age is welcome to participate in this role. The acolytes are responsible for lighting the candles, carrying the cross, and assisting the priest in preparing for communion. Three acolytes are present at each service. They are vested for the service and process into the church behind the cross.
A convenient way to meet others in the congregation and to provide a very meaningful service is to volunteer to be an usher. Ushering duties involve arriving 30 minutes before the service, greeting parishioners, handing them service bulletins, making an attendance count, taking up the offering, and guiding the parishioners to the communion rail for Eucharist.  We can always use new ushers in our schedule. 
The Welcoming Group
All members of Saint Christopher Parish are responsible for welcoming newcomers to the parish by greeting them.  The Welcoming Group’s role is to concentrate on providing back-up and support by sending notes to visitors and, when possible, following up with telephone calls.

Baptismal Program
All parents who wish to have their babies baptized are required to attend a baptismal program prior to the date set for the baptism of all children. Baptisms are on each Sunday of the month at 12:15pm.  Arrangements for parents and godparents may be made by phoning the Parish Office - (708) 388-8190.

The Music Ministry at St Christopher is committed ultimately to God’s service. Its sole purpose is to lead and enhance the congregation’s worship and meditation through musical offerings with full-bodied expression.   We support and nurture the God-given talents and abilities of those individuals and groups who contribute to the music ministry. 

Historically, music has provided a means of expressing “Spirit”. Our aim at St Christopher is to create a spiritual consciousness through music. 

In addition to St Christopher's teachings, the use of music in the ministry of God’s people is considered an important element in worship and meditation. The music ministry team provides an important function to the overall life of the church, through service music representing various styles from classical to contemporary repertoire. In addition, the church has a host of talented members who provide special music, as well as guest musicians from the local area.

New members are encouraged to join us.  No formal audition.

Art and Environment prepares a worship space that inspires the religious imagination of the community as we go through the liturgical seasons and holidays. This ministry promotes full and conscious participation of our community by creating an environment that appeals to the senses. 

Opportunities to participate in Art and Environment in the following areas: decorating for Easter, Christmas, indoor plant care, year around plant/trees, seasonal floral, inventory and storeroom organizer.
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