Welcome to St. Christopher's "Protecting God's Children" information site for our parish volunteers.  We want to thank you for the time that you give to our parish community and especially your commitment to the youth of our parish. 

"Protecting God's Children"  are policies being implemented in every parish across the country.  "Protecting God's Children" is a run by Virtus, a company that identifies "best practices programs" designed to help  prevent "wrong doing" and promote "right doing" within religious organizations.    By embracing this initiative and implementing these policies St. Chris is now a part of the solution to "Protecting God's Children".  Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation. 

"Protecting God's Children" is a two-step process. 
  • Each volunteer must complete the "Archdiocese of Chicago Application for Volunteers" online and DCFS form.  If you have not yet completed this application please contact the head of your organization or ministry.  It is only necessary to do this ONCE.  You will not have to complete this application for each ministry or organization that you are a volunteer.

  • Clicking on the link named "Arch. of Chicago Application" below will take you directly to "Archdiocese of Chicago Application for Volunteers" which you will need to complete online.    The required DCFS form is on the right hand side.  Click on the link to open and print a copy of the form.  Return the handwritten copy to the rectory.  Contact the head of your ministry or organization if you have any questions.   
  • Each volunteer must attend a "Protecting God's Children" awareness session.  The session will communicate important elements to  maintaining a safe environment for the youth of our parish. 

  • The training sessions will be held here, at St. Chris at various times to accommodate our volunteers busy lives.  Our space is limited and we have over 100 volunteers that need to attend.  Again, our space is limited.  Remember, this program is being implemented across the entire Archdiocese and nation.  Pre-Registration, online, is required.

  • You only need to attend ONE awareness session.  We are simply offering three sessions to accommodate our many volunteers & their various schedules.   

  • Below are two important links. 
1.  Virtus "Protecting God's Children" Registration Instructions.   It is a "pdf" document that you can print and use to walk you through step by step  the online registration process.  If you have trouble opening this document please refer to the bottom of this page.

2.  Direct Link to the Virtus "Protecting God's Children"  Web Page.  If you have the instructions to register simply click on this link to register.  This link can also be used in the future to complete your training bulletins.  Training Bulletins will be
discussed at your Awareness Session.
Click Here
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The Virtus Registration Instructions require Adobe Acrobat Reader.  This software comes already installed on most computers.  If you are having trouble opening up a bulletin then you probably need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Click on the link / picture below to get your free copy of Adobe Reader.

Click logo to link to the site where you can download the Adobe
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If you have any additional questions or problems completing either your application or registering for your Virtus Awareness Session, please do not hesitate to contact the head of your organization or ministry.
St. Christopher Parish
Religious Ed. Volunteers, contact Mrs. Jeanne Lassandrello

"I'm confused, who need to comply to the "Protecting God's Children" Policies?"

If you routinely encounter youth in your volunteer capacity you will need to comply to the "Protecting God's Children"  policies which are required within all Catholic parishes and schools across the country. 

"Any volunteer? Like who?"
Any volunteers who help in the school, lunch monitors, health room monitors, party helpers, aides, hot lunch, etc.
Religious Education Catechists/Catechists assistants
Support staff in Religious Education programs
Any volunteers who work with Youth Ministry
Any volunteers who work with the athletic programs, coaches, assistants, etc.
Any volunteers who work within liturgical areas with minor children, youth choir, those who come in contact with Altar servers, train altar servers,  Liturgy of the Word, Youth Choir, etc.
Boy Scout/Girl Scout people if the parish charters the troop
Parish & School Volunteers, support staff, boards, committees’, Bingo, fundraising,  etc. 
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